My name is Jon Beltran de Heredia Olazabal. I live in Vitoria-Gasteiz, in the Basque country, in the north of Spain.


Here's my Twitter profile, my delicious page, and an email address where you can reach me.


My professional interests revolve around two main axes: on one hand, my dev tools products ViEmu and Codekana (since 2005, thousands of paying customers), These are under the umbrella of my company Symnum Systems, formerly known as NGEDIT Software.

The other area is Mouin, my mobile project, which is my main focus nowadays.

I try to work on all at the same time and still find time to do other activities. Yes, it's often pretty crazy.

An obsession

I hate programming. I love what you can do with software, but I hate programming. I've hated it for many years already. Too many nitty-gritty details and poorly thought out stuff.

One of my main goals is to unearth the beautiful and enjoyable programming that is hiding somewhere below the current programming practices. Tough challenge, but hopefully I'll be able to get somewhere.

The light

I saw it on 2004, and nowadays
I almost only use vi/vim editing.

Stuff I've done

I was a vocational programmer since an early age. I started with ZX Spectrum Basic and Z80 assembly language, then x86 ASM, C, C++, and more.

For many years, my main interests were games, graphics and 3D. Still, I was always interested in parsing, network programming, automata, low-level coding, OSs...

I started my first software company in 1994 while in college. In that same year I also wrote a book on x86 assembly language (the one I'd have liked to learn with). I took part in the PC demoscene.

In 1997 I dropped out of college to work as a professional games developer, which I did for about 10 years, before leaving that industry and focusing on my current projects around 2005.