With Spacecrash we’ve seen how to complete a game. Here are my conclusions and next steps.

sc-action-screenshotI started the Spacecrash one-week-game series with a question: “Can you write a game in one week?”. But the main point was addressing the reasons why people get stuck trying to complete their first game: be it for lack of technical skills, excessive scope, or a lack of a clear game concept and focus. After dedicating the whole last week to doing the project and sharing it, I’d like to review the thoughts of that first day in the light of what we have done.

[Note: I am not calling this a postmortem because there is one pending thing I still have to do, which is to balance the gameplay difficulty and content generation. I plan to do this in the next few days and do a proper postmortem after that. But I did want to think about and post the conclusions shortly after finishing the series.]

How did Spacecrash help with the main reasons why peple don’t finish games? Here are the details:

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