Spacecrash day 7 of 7: game complete!

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 11.04.16 PMOk, so the last day arrived and I had a chance to do the following critical things:

  • Fixed the pending bugs (hopefully all of them)
  • Adjusted gameplay: completely removed fuel, and removed manual accelerating/braking
  • Added sound effects for crashes, explosions, rockets, spaceship engine, etc…
  • Added particle-based explosion effects
  • Added cool techno background music
  • Added score to in-game UI
  • Beautified main menu, completed info & credits
  • Made the game save and restore options and current progress

The end result is that we have something that looks very cool, watch:

Spacecrash: Day 7 of 7 from Jon Beltran de Heredia on Vimeo.

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