Spacecrash day 4 of 7: multiple levels with cool, varied graphics and gameplay

tiled_background_3I initially planned to have only 3 levels, but turning that into 9 looked more sensible: completing a level is a positive reward for the player, and thus it will help us provide them with a better experience. So let’s get started trying to generate nine levels with varied graphics and progressive difficulty.

Both variety and progression are very important to providing a satisfying game experience. Let’s start with the graphics which are the easiest here, thanks to Dan Cook’s Tyrian graphics. I initially planned on having three “worlds”, thus three main sets of graphics, and three levels in each world with progressing difficulty. But given the Tyrian graphics easily allow more variety, I have decided on having 9 different looks, one for each level.

Level graphics

Having a look at the Tyrian graphics, I saw some interesting things for level background graphics. Have a look at this piece (shown at 4x size):

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