Spacecrash day 2 of 7: core gameplay

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 12.39.40 AMToday is more “gameplay day” than anything else. We have to try and squeeze some gameplay out of the game concept we are working with. I’ve spent a few hours and it’s starting to show some promise.

First thing: you want to start playing as soon as possible, to get a feel of the gameplay experience. It’s less important to have great sound & graphics feedback, you can easily imagine that. But you need the core control & game result. In this game, I’ve implemented crashing into obstacles and a life/energy bar as soon as possible. After that, it starts to be a game, since you can die!

One concern I have with this design is that, since content generation will be random, it will be quite difficult to control. I will try to use patterns and pattern sequencing to control this better (for example: define a level by sections, and manually control parameters controlling the random generation of each section). But still, you don’t have all control. To me, this means it’s better to make a game which is somewhat “forgiving”: crashing into an obstacle shouldn’t finish the game, since we won’t even be sure we won’t generate situations where it is impossible not to crash into something.

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