Spacecrash day 1 of 7: game skeleton

shot0Time to get started. Today I am going to set up the main project skeleton, project directory, get it to compile on both Windows and OS X, set up loading textures, and get a spaceship to fly over some kind of scrolling background. Plus possibly have a few things flying around.

Setting things up will be a bit painful, since there are a lot of small things to configure correctly. Projects, modules, etc… if you are not all that fluent in C/C++, and something isn’t easy to understand, don’t despair: follow the instructions to set it up, ask your doubts on the comments, and remember that we will only be doing this type of stuff today, since once things are set up we will be concentrating in the game code. I am going quickly here, so you will be able to put in the time and effort after this week, and be able to understand all the details of today’s work when you look at it more slowly.

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