New Gamecrash course: Calgary in May!

Calgary, Canada (courtesy of 117Avenue, Wikimedia)

[EDIT: this course has been moved back to Fall 2013… watch out for the announcement!]

After everything learned in Gamecrash Austin last month, we are now bringing it in a new and better edition to Calgary (Alberta, Canada). The course will take place from May 27 to May 31 (Monday through Friday) at the Residence Inn Marriott Airport.

The concept is simple but very powerful: you can come on Monday at 8am as a developer who has never done games, and leave on Friday at 8pm as a developer who already knows how to make games, has learned all the main fundamentals, and has even written their first cool game!

You can get all the details at JP Boodhoo’s announcement, and register for on-site attendance here. If you register in the next two weeks, you can save $500. Attending the course is probably the best way to jumpstart your game development career in one week!

This time, we are also offering the possibility to attend online with a Gotomeeting setup (we’ll stream both the screen’s content and audio), for which you can register here. That way, you can get started writing games from anywhere in the world.

With all the experienced learned after the last edition, we’ve revised the course contents – streamlining the learning path, maximizing the content covered while making sure everything is explained properly and making sure all concepts are understood both in theory and using them in practical sample games. You can access the updated contents here.

We will be publishing more information here, a quite informative video is due out very soon, and of course feel free to ask any question – we’ll be happy to respond, and if something seems useful to a larger audience, I will post about it here on the blog.

I look forward to a very exciting game-making 2013 for everyone!