The Gamecrash is Near!

Plane tickets to Austin, TX: purchased. Macbook Air: loaded up. Hotel: booked. Instructions to students on how to prepare their laptops: sent. All cool Windows & OS X example code: up and running. Everything ready for Gamecrash on February 18th!

Here are some screenshots from the samples you will be coding during the course (the first ones, I’ll post more advanced ones in a few days) (and of course you will have creative freedom to do your own variation of these!):

Spaceships. OpenGL graphics. Simple “C without pointers” so that we can focus on programming games instead of neverending mumbo-jumbo. Bubbles. OpenAL audio. Game physics. Bouncy balls. Characters walking, jumping, shooting. Keyboard and mouse-based controls. Zombies. AI. Worlds and levels. Explosions. Graphics effects. What else can you ask for?

There are still seats available, if you want to learn games development in the best way possible and in the shortest amount of time, you should definitely join here! (All the course details here.)

I’m enjoying incredibly programming all these minigames. Even more so doing it in this refreshing, simplified C. It is an incredibly valuable language for learning, and it also feels like getting rid of a lot of cruft and going back to the really valuable roots!

PS: Graphics courtesy of the following artists: Tyrian and other graphics by Daniel Cook (, Fuzed graphics by Marc Russell (, Zombie sprites by Clint Bellanger ( Thanks guys!