Stirring up some interest for the Austin Game Crash course

We’ve started announcing the Game Crash bootcamp due on February 18th in Austin, and we’re finding there’s quite a lot of interest out there! Here are some selected reactions and questions:

“I’m very interested, in fact I’m just a few clicks away from signing up, but I wanted to check and see if the cost of the hotel is included in the course registration fee, or if we have to make our own arrangements. Thanks!”

Actually, the cost of the hotel is not included in the course fee. There are several nice hotels 2 minutes away from the venue where the course will take place, and we’re trying to see what they can offer to attendees, we’ll post about it here too.

I’m curious about the facility, so I’ve looked it up. Apparently this is the Boy Scouts facility; [EDIT January 12: we have changed the actual course venue to a hotel right next to this center, where we also get great room rates for attendees, see details at]

That looks like a nice size training room but if you filled it it could get tight especially if spending 12 hours a day shoulder to shoulder. How many people are you maxing at?

I may spend the night right there at that Marriot. Do we get a discounted/group rate?

We are maxing at 16 people, since we don’t want the group to be too large, for best results of the course. In JP’s experience, that’s the right limit for this type of course.

We are right now talking to the hotels nearby to see if we can get a discounted rate for course attendees, we’ll post here as soon as we have the info.

[EDIT We got great rates, $85/night at the Marriott, all details here]

“This sounds really really exciting. If there is enough interest in the Australia/New Zealand area to warrant a course, I would definitely be very interested. What about a Webinar type course for those of us in far places?”

Of course, if there are enough people, we’re more than happy to visit the kiwi land and the land down under. And we are considering offering live assistance to the bootcamp too, we’ll announce it here.

“How very awesome, Commandos was my favorite game, it’s the only games (1 and 2) I still have on my shelf, the rest I have either sold or given away. So your development have had a deep impact on me, hehe.

This course is in Austin Texas as far as I can understand, are you planning any courses in Europe? (as far as I understand you actually live in Spain right?)”

Indeed, I’m based in Spain, and we will be offering courses in Europe down the road. Let us know exactly where you’d be interested in attending, we’ll organize courses as we find enough people wanting to attend in each area

Just a quick note that I’m definitely interested in this course if it comes to UK/London.

In the event it does – do you an idea of what the approximate cost would be?

It’s most likely we will be offering it in London quite soon, we’ve received several requests from different places in Europe, and London is probably where most interested people concentrate. The full price for Develop With Passion® bootcamps is $3,000 in the US and $4,000 in Europe, due to the higher cost of everything in Europe. For the first few iterations, we are offering the Game Crash course for $2,000 in the US and $3,000 in Europe, and signing up early gets an additional $500 discount, so it will be $2,500 in Europe – about £1,600 (making sure you sign up early for the first course we offer in London!). For other EU countries – about €1,900 with all early discounts (of course, variable exchange rates making this an approximate figure).

What is “C without pointers”? Static declarations, pass everything byval and no arrays?

Indeed, something in that line: module and global variables, structs and arrays only. It results in quite simple code, while it is usable, we can use OpenGL, and it can be used for developing production-quality games. I’ll do a full post on this choice in the next few days.

Hopefully we’ll be able to offer this in many other cities and countries in the coming months!