Gamecrash: new hyper-intensive game development boot camps

I am happy to announce that I have joined forces with the awesome Jean-Paul Boodhoo, of Develop with Passion fame, and we are going to start offering a revolutionary new type of crash-course on games development. Combining his concept of highly-intensive one-week bootcamps, and my game development and teaching skills, we are going to start offering extremely high value courses for general developers to gain all the core game development skills as quickly as humanly possible.

The focus will be on combining a strong grasp of the fundamentals of games development with a highly practical approach. The goal is that developers with no previous experience in games or graphics programming will come to the course on Monday at 9am with all the motivation and energy, we will turn on the turbo and work for 12+ hours a day until Friday, and they will be leaving having learned and actually applied all the main elements of game programming on Friday evening, with a simple but nice and working game under their belt (it’s best if you bring your own graphics!), and with all the necessary core skills to develop your own games personally or professionally!

We’ve decided to work using OpenGL, basic C without pointers, and work on 2D games, so that any reasonably proficient general developer can become productive as a games developer in one week. You will need to be ready to put in all the necessary effort and energy, but if you know your way around variables, loops and functions, you will be developing games by the end of the course!

The first course will be starting on Monday February 18 in Austin, Texas, and it will last until Friday, February 23. This first edition of the course is offered at a discounted pricing for Develop with Passion courses, so take advantage of being an early adopter! We plan to offer the same course in other cities in the US, Canada and Europe. If you’d be interested in having this in your area, let us know and we’ll try to address that.

You can see JP’s announcement here, all the Gamecrash course details and contents here, and you can see the Eventbrite event page with the location and pricing details and the sign-up options here, and I will be happy to respond by email to any question you may have. We will be posting more details over the coming weeks. Be sure to sign up if you want to turbo-boost your game development skills. See you in Austin!